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Reported By: Avantika Debnath

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I had ordered a saree from I had opted for a cash on delivery. the product was delivered and i paid the money. ON opening the parcel I found that the saree looked nothing like the one I ordered. The color, print, and fabric – everything was different. I asked them within 3 hours of delivery to get the product returned. They said that I should myself send the product to their office. They also said that they will NOT return my money but will keep it with them as an account credit and the only way to actualize that money is by buying something else from them – which I am sure will be as worthless as the one they have sent me. Also, please note that the number they mention as their customer care number – 7827897475 and 7817870870 doesnt work, so there is no possibilities of the customer to have a conversation.
Now my question are:
Can a company forcefully keep my money with them, further forcing me to buy a product from them – though I do not like anything they sell. Even the government cannot block my money then how can a creepy online shopping site do it.
They have sent me a product that looks nothing like what ordered and asking me to courier it to them. That means the money I have paid is blocked and now I have to spend delivery charges to ship back a product I never wanted. How is this even fair.

I want them to get this product back and refund my money in cash.

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