Kajaria tiles – Poor Quality of Tiles with no replacement & compensation 1 Review

Hello There, I have bought Kajaria Neo Black Tiles from one of the Kajaria dealers in Kotla, New Delhi by the name “Deepak Tiles” and these were installed at my residence bathroom at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, UP. After installing these tiles in my bathroom the color and texture of the tiles changes immediately after these were installed. This was immediately reported to the dealer listed above who suggested to wait and let the bathroom be washed & cleaned once all other bathroom work is completed. As instructed, we have thouroughly cleaned the wall & floor tiles with normal water but still there was no change in the appearance of the floor. The same has been reported to the dealer who has then provided the contact details of Mr. D.P Singh who is from Kajaria Tiles and work as a Sr. Manager there. The compliant was logged to him and representative from their team visited the bathroom for a survey a week after. I shoed him the original tile as tehre were some left over from the stock we purchased and the current state of the floor tiles. This guy named “Mr. Pankaj Jha” took two tiles as sample for quality testing and I also had a word with Mr. Chandan Kumar, his manager in his presence on how to take things further, After one week when the quality test were out, now Kajaria is denying the fact that there is a defect in their product and telling the cause of this is due to hardness in water. But, I simply disagree with this as the effect of hardness of water takes some time to get in effect and cannot be done on day one. I demand the replacement of tiles or equivalent amount along with the labour charges and any wear and tear of my bathroom in order if I will go for remocval of these tiles and installing the new as I have all my bath fittings now installed and my bathroom is completely function as removing and re-installing the tiles will lead to some expense on labour and even replacement of some wall tiles alongwith some sanitary fittings as well. I request an immediate action on this for resolution as Kajaria Tiles being such a big brand name should not run-away from this defect and should accept this product defect and make themselves accountable for this loss of mine. Thanks & Regards, Shammi

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