Kallada Travels – Worst Service from Kallada Travels

Worst Service from Kallada Travels. We booked ticket in Kallada Traveles from redbus.in from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Driver sold my tickets to some other people and told we change your seats to some other bus after some 100 km they again asked us to sit in the same bus which we booked and they told us to take last seats and the driver was very rude and vulgar he was telling you want to come sit in last seats and come other get down hear he told me after 100 km. he told us you can complain to anyone i wont care. Friends please think while booking the ticket you may get into the trouble in the middle. hear is the details Travels: Kallada Travels Bus Number : KA01 AB5906 Driver Phone Number : 09391935500

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  1. Me and my wife travelled frm trichur to chennai. We asked to driver to stop the bus for going to washroom. Driver never stop the bus. Kallada bad service