Kandinsky & Partners Ltd. – scam

Reported By: Incognitos

Contact information:
Kandinsky & Partners Ltd.

The messages you received are obviously automatically generated with your birth chart and i feel there is no Angela behind. This is just a product from a Company. How sad.
Hope the real powerful Angels make this company re-think their business and way to make money, other than tricking people.
If Kandinsky & Partners Ltd. want to proof that they are real then present video conferencing with “Angela” live through Skype or zoom.

But anyway they can’t because it is most probably an algorithm.

I send Violet energy to this company, so that it can transform into something else that can really help people.

Hear your intuition people! This algorithm is not really communicating with your guardian angel, we do not need intermediaries for that! Your gradian angel would never go to a woman in Hong Kong to try to communicate with you!

Intermediaries are the same as what religion did with us. There is no need of someone between us and the divine.

Love and Peace


How to file a complaint against Kandinsky & Partners Ltd.?

* Go to page
* Write Kandinsky & Partners Ltd. in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Kandinsky & Partners Ltd..

1 thought on “Kandinsky & Partners Ltd. – scam”

  1. I haven’t paid them a penny and I never will however the last email I received was literally offensive in the fact that it was basically like one of those horrible chain letters that tells you that if you don’t forward it you’re going to die or some s*** I mean it’s just ridiculous I cannot believe how offensive it was about how there’s an evil force acting against me and if I don’t do something by the 16th of this month I’m going to you know I’m going to regret it and all these other things like I’m not an idiot lady well which is obviously not a lady I agree with you that this is probably just an algorithm based on my birth date which is you know it’s pretty obvious when you read the text of this thing that is you know ridiculous and canned and I wouldn’t be surprised to find another letter of the same exact verbiage somewhere else in one of my other emails about somebody else’s birthday but anyway this company is crap and they really need to get shut down

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