Kanvonix Soft Solutions in Trimulgherry, Hyderabad

Hi Friends Kanonix soft solutions is the no1 Fake company .Firstly he told that to submit the any marklist for securtity and he asked to do the job for 3 months ..after that the salary is also not given .i did the job there for 3 months……Dont spoil your carrer by joing in that company…..at there no one have the knowledge…this company is only for classifieds ads posting which is a home based work..but there is no Software Projects becox i worked for 3mons in that company

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  1. Hi Friends, The above fellow was my colleague I don’t have any grudge on him but truly speaking he was not regular to office and he don’t know the basics. we were trained in the project and at the end of 3 months also and he did not pass the test, so he was asked to find one more job.

  2. You are absoloutely right ramababu this the no.of fake company ..I wasted a lot of time by working in that company. In that company noone know the work ..and my colleques also suffered a lot in that company . once you observe that in that no employeers are there .If there they will at the duration 3 months free of cost.He told that he will give 15000 rs after 3 months as salary but he never give one ruppee also.Atlast we didn,t get the work also..

  3. hi friend how r u? I don’t know how u get information about all this company…Even i did not see Krishana as a employee in our company , well u have gathered wrong information about Kanvonix and posted comment with fake name

    So may be sometime u get the wrong information about Kanvonix like u got about the company i work with…well i work with Kanvonix , Tirumalgherry , Secunderabad which is there in you are fake list…i am working with this company from around last one and half year and they have not offered me any course even i am getting my salary from first day of joining….so i kindly request u to remove the name of your fake name and wrong comments from here and if you want more information regarding same u can contact me on my mail karoju.manoj@kanvonix.com or u can call me on 09885679524 and i also request u to first get confirm about your information then post your comments in public……..

    thank you


  4. Hello Manoj .I think Kanvonix has no branches in Hyd .only one company is there in that company 3 months back i work there .at the time only 7 people are working in that there is no Manoj k fine .one question i am asking is it a registered company or not.You are working from 1 year onward now.
    It is not registerd company if any dout open the link http://www.mca.gov.in/DCAPortalWeb/dca/QueryNameAction.do
    and type the company name.
    I suffered a lot for 3 months in that company without Salary ..In that company no life is there .My Suggestion is Fresherds dont sopil your life by joining in that company.

    1. Hi..

      This is Rahul , worked for Kanvonix Soft Solutions from Jun 2007 2012 to Jan 24th 2014, now am working with IBM , Pune.

      I do not know who is posting wrong comments about Kanvonix with fake names like krishana , Shylu..

      Direct you can reach at my personal mail id here rahul31482@yahoo.com if you are real person.

      Kanvonix has been responsible for fulfilling the dreams of many talented youth to be part of the Software Industry.

  5. Hi..Shylu,

    I think you are posting comments with wrong name always , might be you are terminated employee from Kanvonix Soft Solutions due to misconduct .

    I checked with your link and seen company has been registered on 25th July 2006.

    I thought you are in…


  6. I agree with Ramkumar, he was not regular to the office and he failed in the test and terminated by the employer.

    within time duration trained in the project me the all promises they committed, I recommend to anybody at any time ,In short…Simply Fantastic! Powerful Stuff!

    thank you


    1. Hi yar ? How are you I also Worked in that company for more than 3 months he didnt pay me single piece also ??Here the intersecting thing is Company Call letter ,employee bond each and every thing also we have to taken the print..The Company Head didnt bear single rupee also even the company Id also we have buy that much of worst company it is? He is very conjuse fellow ….Only one thing i will say …The Person who joined in that will difinetly relize after some that he done a wrong thing…It fact

  7. No employee with the name of Rambabu in Kanvonix soft Solutions to till date, Posting with wrong name.

  8. This is Rahul , May be he is posting with wrong name of rambabu. can u send your documents to my personal id rahul31482@yahoo.com whicheve u got from kanvonix if you are right person to comment on Kanvonix Soft Solutions.Otherwise you are the worst.

  9. hi..friends..

    Rambabu is terminated employee from the kanvonix soft solutions due misconduct , may be he is posting wrong comments with duplicate name of rambabu , even though i checked his attached link: http://www.complaintsaboutbusiness.in/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/1230066_486120881483833_813445888_n.jpg …please see in link he posted on dec 10th 2013 , but link shows uploaded 2013/12/12..

    Even though Rambabu is worst fellow in the world , my simple word about him: Character less fellow.

    The Company has been promoted by some highly experienced Professionals[proprietors] dedicated to provide total IT solutions under one roof.

    I had high expectations for the visual look and functionality of kanvonix.com and they met and exceeded our expectations. I look forward to working with them ..Excellent training service and support.

    my opinion is kanvonix soft solutions is good and excellent for whoever ready to start their career.