KnowledgeWorks IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd. – Salary not received and other issues

Hi, I am working for KnowledgeWorks Consulting Pvt Ltd as Project Manager from 8th July 2013, an I work in client office everyday. On 30th September i had to go on emergency leave as my father had an operation. i had informed the client an my boss for the no of days i would be on leave. I was giving email support to the client, which was only possible for me. Now they were telling I am not doing work at all, which is not correct statement. I have not received the salary for Sep-13 and they just create issues and trying not to release salary. Kindly help me get my salary as I have lots of commitments and I am very much dependent on salary. My Director is aware of the same, but still finding faults and holding my salary. For the position Project Manager I am not getting the expected salary also. At the client office I am the only one to look after the accounting and secretarial works and I find it hard to finish all my works due to practical issues – like no power, no internet etc. I struggle a lot an try to deliver as much I can do but nobody sees that 🙁

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