Konduskar Travels – Refund half charges in ticket as maintainance of bus has been not done

Reported By: Sanjyot Kalekar

Contact information:
Konduskar Travels

The bus’s AC isn’t working. Blower is also sluggish considering that our journey began in Sangli. The manager was fully aware of this but still sent the bus. While charging for an AC bus, you are failing to provide passengers with adequate service.
Because he is in charge of 56 passengers, the second driver of the bus is also operating it under tension. It is inaccurate. All of the passengers are distressed and in a comfortable position. The required travel time is 5 hours, not 1. By taking this into consideration, you can perform maintenance on existing buses as well as on new buses.

Bus Details To Pune3. :45 PM
Bus No-GJ01ET3655


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