KonnectServers and WhitelabelHost – Bad Hosting Company Server Down a Lot and finally Crash in 15 Days No Refund

i have just buy Master Reseller Account with http://whitelabelhost.in or http://www.konnectservers.com/ and make Payment of Rs.6420/- 1. After Buying when i Upload Content it was too Slow to open any link that it take 15 to 20 minutes. 2. When i ask Refund they say we Refund only in 24hrs. when u buy u have just 8 or 9 hrs in a Day to work and for uploading files on server take time and and in no way check the status of server in 24hrs. 3. there was lot of issue while uploading files on server it stop and again restart from beging. 4. whenever ask for refund they said, we will improve the service dont worry server get load as we are adding New Harddisk to the server it was 2 days slow server. 5. in a week most of time website was not found or missing files 6. again restore and make change ur Cpanel is locked and some of website get not found on web domain ip address not pointing. 7. again again asking for refund they try to make delay so that they will not refund when ur service is more then 30 days u will not get a single penny. 8. Even u look all web hosting company provides 30 Days Moneyback Service and full refund if service is not good. But with this Company they only wan to take money and give u dead server whixh is almost down and slow . in beging they pick the phone but after sale dont even pick the phone or answer, just emails reply… 9.it was a Hell in 15 Days with them to suffer mostly down and lot of compliant reports reply. and finally ther server was down for more then 25 Hrs and not even a single mail from the company about the issue. 10. When i raise a Complaint about refund they close my account and said we will not refund. But u have send a sorry reply with ur Bank and Documents signup so we will continue ur service which was already dead and no a penny worth. Finally i just have lost my business and data and suffer a huge lose and just wan my money back as they was totaly fail to provide and good service from day 1 it was just 2 1/2 year old company Dont Trust. Dont buy. Its Cheap but with lot of Headque and pain and lose ur money and get the free trouble ….. Post: Comapny Details of KonnectServers 172, Rai Town 2, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India 941, IJMIMA Complex, Mindspace, Malad (W). 400064, Mumbai. Maharashtra, India Phone – 24X7 Sales – 919764536336 Gtalk / Online Chat – 24X7 : Send a chat request to [email protected]

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  1. Their server will down always .very bad hosting service.
    uptime is very low
    slow in speed
    no garanty for our data.

    i lost my complete data,they told service provider suspended their account.that mean they are note have complete access for servers.

    I have very bad experiance with them….

  2. Anybody provide us their proper address and contact informations. We are from Cyber crime special cell. We are unable to locate them yet. Kind attention to everybody. Provide us the proper residence address with their office address. Very urgent.

  3. Please provide delete option for comments … even though i gave good feedback later … my working account got suspended bcoz of this old review here .. so please delete all my reviews here …. as this is violating their toss n security policy …..


  4. will reply further here if i get positive mail from them …. got mail from them saying its a firewall issue n i have replied them n waiting for further info…. no positive feedback yet …

  5. i paid yesterday and their main site is offline today … send support ticket to close service and provide refund .. no reply yet … website is showing offline after i login then i have to open in a new pc to open the site …. it seems like they are blocking my ip or something to restrict me access the website ….

    their websites : affordablewebhostingindia.com , whitelabelhost.in , their data center is datashack … please provide refund and am no longer interested in ur service .. not even day1 has completed and site is down …. i have got all screenshots and details of payment till support ticket ….

    please do reply to support ticket or mail me asap ….

  6. Hi Mr Tejinder,

    Thank you for taking time to review our company.

    1> All our servers have 1GBPS connectivity, so your claim that connection was slow is just not possible. Moreover most our servers are less than 10% of their capacity, so there is no chance that server was slow. We are not responsible for issues related to your ISP.

    2> It was told in advance to you that we provide refund for reseller accounts only within 24 hrs.

    3> Again an issue with your ISP, that happens because of connection timeout, which again suggests you were using a slow internet connection or on that moment your connection speed was slow. cPanel uses cookie and session based authentication, as soon as your IP changes , you are logged out. If you are on a dial up connection then this happens. Everybody who knows even the basic functionality of cpanel knows this.

    4> If server is slow because of any activity, we terminate the process. We use CloudLinux and CageFS both are technologies which provide best performance. Again that can be because techs were executing some commands on the server at the time when you logged onto the server or your net connection was slow, any of the two reasons can be there. Whenever processes like backups or installing updation, upgradation, transfer of services is run on linux server, server load increases. But as already said, our servers always less than 10% of their capacity, load never goes beyond 5.

    5> You configured nameservers according to your knowledge and had settings issues because of which your sites were not visible. If you do not know how to configure nameservers, you have to ask to techs. Which you did after many days and your that issue was resolved.

    6> Same reply as above, issue in you configuring nameservers. We are not responsible for you not contacting support for help.

    7> We do not provide any refund on reseller or master reseller hosting services beyond 24 hrs of their activation. There is no 30 day money back for reseller accounts. 30 day money back is only for shared hosting individual domain clients.

    8> We do not care what other companies provide, we have our own TOS to govern our services.
    tejinder review
    9> Server crashed that day, and a replacement was online within 25 hrs with all data transferred, what else do you expect from a shared hosting provider?? Other companies just shut down or take 7-15 days to provide new servers. Also all data of all clients was recovered which anyone technical knows how much time and resource consuming it is, still we did it for all clients, and there was no data loss.

    10> Obviously we will close the account if you file a dispute, we are here to do business and not charity. We will provide you best in class service even if you don’t know even ABCD of hosting, but if you pretend to know everything despite knowing nothing, and do not get to our support techs, there is hardly anything that we can do.

    You are still welcome to use the service you purchased with grace periods for unused time, after providing the requisite documents.

    Pls follow the email sent by our billing team to you and send us required documents so that we can reactivate your account.

    We still have your data, but if we do not receive a response from you for another 7 days, we will have to terminate it from the server

    Thank you for your valuable time in creating such a long negative review.

    1. yes sir.. i am over 1 year with this company i have not any problem…if there problem arise i get reply within 30 min from technical support..so i think company was good..