Krishna impex – Bed responce bcoz the bus charger conection not working

Sir i want to book regular sea bird bus tiket But today we 5 frend going chennai to goa bus no.ka 01 ab 3210 so this bus is long tour going chennai to goa …! But the bus inside charger not working so i asked the bus men he is not giving any responce and bed beheve doing ….after dat we ask your chennai sea bird office but he also not giving any answer and doing bed behev so pla thisnot good because we are chosing seabird regular but not giving any respond 4 ur ur side and chennai to goa not a small travel that is a big travel sir so pls reply me thanx u
Praveen parmar.


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  1. Unfortunately, there is no option of rating “0”. It is just not one or two bad services we received from “SEABIRD” but “MANY”. And if I have to list all of them here it is:

    1. We had booked and travelled to Shridi worth of close to 45k, two & fore for 6 passengers. And on our return we lost all our baggage’s due to negligence of the driver and cleaner for not locking the boot. All the passengers in the bus had lost their Luggage’s. And Seabird Mgt or the manager never turned up for the loss for passengers. Forget about reimbursing, they were least bothered to check if the passengers were safe.. As the mgt asked the driver to pick one of the bikes from (Pune) – Fuel loaded bike… Just one spark, everyone in the bus would have lost their life!!! How can such travels still exists?????

    2. Most importantly, Seabird as the entire team will preplan this event of robbing either the baggage’s, or the valuables. Ours was the 5th incident happened with seabird. But still the Mgt is least bothered about the loss of the passengers.

    3. Very Shabby, Uncleaned bed sheets, A/C not in working condition.

    4. Very Rash driving, Abused language used by the drivers.

    5. Transport of loaded fuel bullet bike inside the bus which is highly dangerous and illegalized. “NEVER TAKE SEABIRD” Please

    6. When in long hrs of journey (12hrs) the driver should have the basic common sense of stopping for a break at least on the passengers request. Considering women and kids…. When we requested the driver to stop on an emergency which was out of the city limits obviously, the driver asked us to get off the bus and told us to catch some other bus rudely.

    “Such travels like SEABIRD has to shut down” ASAP!!!!!

  2. Hiii
    It’s not a complaint,I traveled from madikeri to bangalore ,Bus no :4739 was very neat and clean.Driver was oblige for the request stop Thanks for the seabird tourist having such a good driver in my traveling my T N NO:3507504