L-Mall Online Rebate Mall – investment fund cannot be withdraw

Reported By: Adeyemi Adebisi

Contact information:
L-Mall Online Rebate Mall lagos
https:// csiso.com/index/index/home.html

L-Mall Online Rebate Mall advertised on Facebook, leading the me to register.I was contacted on WhatsApp by an instructor with this (+254 727 559419) who instructed me to recharge ₦4000 for VIP3 tasks. Upon completion,#4000 increased to#10,999 then i was told i could withdraw ₦10999.18 but needed to upgrade to VIP4, requiring more recharges: ₦10000, to ₦34071, and then ₦69000. Desperate, I took an online ₦85000 loan which i used,hoping to withdraw, because it took me 2days to recharge, after this balance was frozen i can’t withdraw but was still required to recharge ₦314066.83, i dont have this 5o recharge . I’m unable to withdraw the balance of ₦300000+on this platform and I’m in debt, having invested ₦200000. Immediate help is needed to recover my funds invested pls.
Much Regards

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