LAPLUME GROUP -Debit by your team in my c.card by saying ICICI bank staff


Two staff from Laplume group called me like ICICI bank staff and told me that we are calling from ICICI bank and you have a reward point of 7799/ for which we will send you gift voucher. due to RBI norms your card is blocked for a value of 6899 on 15/10/2014. When I check with ICICI customer service , they told me our staff is not asked any such information, It is done a debit transaction by giving authorisation and taken the Merchant ID 1248418.

Now I got a parcel, which is not requested or ordered by me. This is a fraudlant actiivty from your staff so. Immediately repay the amount otherwise i am going to give a FIR against your malpractice.

By tracing my card details by giving false information.

I need the cheque in favour of M.Ganesan / otherwise refund the amount to the card number 4375 5104 6179 5004

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