Laxmi flour mills/ Subh sagar Industries – Ptoduct Cost more and sypply in bad condition and Not responce.

I live in Mumbai
I buyed one Tabal top florlmil from Gujrat based company . Before buying the price nad dilivery charges (total 10700/- rupees ) are discussed and confirmed on email conversation .

But at the time of delivery‚ Dilivery boy asked more mony‚ then on phone discussion i accepded product on condition that supplyer will fefund me amount of 500. After openong the paking we found that it was on very bad condition ‚ i inform that to supplyer . but from last three weak supplyer not responsing properly. and he is not responding my call.
kindly help me .. what to do..

Thank you..
Shivkumar R V

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