Lemiguo jumia online mall – Scam, unethical behavior and lies

Reported By: Asim Opeyemi

Contact information:
Lemiguo jumia online mall Lekki Lagos state

On this day 19th may 2024 i was on my phone while scrolling on Facebook and i got this post to working from home as a customer service which i click the link and it was directed me to WhatsApp, so this lady start chatting me up and said i will register and i will be given a task after registration. So i registered through this link
https:// t.me/JuJu3123123 and she asked me to pay 6k for the first task and i will earn incentives on each task i performed so i deposited in to the account that was given on the platform and got credited to the platform so i was given 5 task which i started performing the task , i did the first one and second so i noticed the task keep increasing and i chat this lady how come the task is increasing and she i need to complete my task before i can get my money that i should deposit another 6k which i did hoping to get my funds back i completed the task and i got 3k plus my 12k make it 15k and i withdrew it to my account and i got credited within 5min so i was convinced and this lady chat me up and ask if i got credited and i said yes. She asked if i will perform another task and i said yes and listed all the task from 15k to 500k so i choose the lesser 15k and deposit again.. I started this task again and 3rd task asked me to fund my acct with 42k before i can complete the task and i chatted her up this thing is asking me for money again she said i should pay i paid the 42k again hoping i will get back money after i completed the 3rd task the 4th one ask for 134k and i had to borrow money from all angle just to get back my money and i tried performing it and i just saw the dashboard saying my order is freeze i got confused how the hell freeze and this still is asking for another 79k and that was when my eyes opened and i went straight to this lady, this idiot ask me pay up so i can get back money Please that is how lost 201k to them please i request for refund and stop them from scamming people……I

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