Leo Metal Work Private Limited – non delivery and return of ordered item

Reported By: Manian P.G.S

Contact information:
Leo Metal Work Private Limited

At the outset being a regular customer of MEESHO I would like to express my sincere thanks for MEESHO for the best products and timely delivery.

Coming to the point, I have placed the above order for Shrusti Gold Aluminium Inner Lid Pressure Cooker 3 Litres (Silver) against the above order Number.ON Monday I have received a call from your delivery staff that he is on the way.However since our road was blocked for expansion he could not come to my house for delivery.

ON tuesday evening same issue has continued and he told me that he would come and deliver the same on the next day. However since i understand that he was not well on Wednesday I told him to come on the next day. In the meantime I came to know about the next route to my house and was awaiting his call to explain the same.However no intimation has been received.

To my surprise I had received a SMS from MEESHO expressing their inability to deliver my order successfully and i was informed to click more details in a link.While tracking i was surprised to note that your delivery partner was unable to deliver my above order and hence it has been returned to the suppliers.

ON viewing the order details I got another surprise that I have been charged with an additonal charges of Rs.327/=. and my total order value has been mentioned as Rs.944/=.
This is none of my mistake. I am ready to accept the material.

If your delivery partner would have clearly informed me about his grievances I was even ready to go and meet him at his place and take delivery of the cooker.Even now I am ready to accept the order and i have not cancelled the same.As such I would request you to kindly condone the additional charges and if you would arrange to revive the order with the offered rate of Rs.617/= i shall be very much obliged.It may please observed from your records that I am regularly purchasing all my needs only through MEESHO.

As such I would request your support and let me know the further proceedings in this matter.
Assuring my continued support and association with MEESHO at all times.


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