Leon LeGant – be careful and avoid him

Reported By: any_N76_us

Contact information:
Leon LeGant United States
Leonlegant.com, Psychicschool.com

Hi to all and this review is an advice who ever is reading this to simply avoid this man and his school. Initially he will say you will get a diploma after completion of school but we get nothing on finishing his school. He promised the diploma certificate before paying the money but later… he is a fraud and his psychic school is absolutely fake! He has to be avoided at all costs.

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  1. Leon was a neighbor of mine back when he lived in Northern California. He’s very anto-social in person and never says hello to anyone who greets him. I remember him literally smoking a joint anr scrolling through his text messages AS HE WAS ON GHE PHONE “TEACHING CLASS” in our complex clubhouse. Funny how he claims to be a founder of a “non-profit” yet this is his sole source of income that pays for this frequent bar hopping around San Francisco’s Castro District constantly getting into altercations. He’s a fraud and just plain off. There’s definitely something tangled in his brain.

  2. Leon Legant was exposed by Judge Judy as a scam artist. He stole a woman money and was exposed to be embezzling funds from his “school”. The video of his case is on YouTube.

  3. This man is a slick experienced con artist. He has been sued several times, most famously on Judge Judy when he pursuaded one of his students to lend him a large amount of money. He repaid a small amount then delayed, prevaricated and lied to avoid paying her back the rest of what he owed her. Judge Sheindlin found in the plaintiff’s favour and ordered him to pay the court’s maximum. Leon LeGant is tall and rather creepy both in looks and demeanor. He is a gay man who likes to holiday in the Philippines. He discovered at a young age that he could manipulate his over-indulgent aunt and has spent his life since then convincing people that he is a psychic, healer and spiritual guide. He has intelligence and he’s focussed it on reading just enough relevant literature to make his claims of psychic abilities and spiritual awareness sound convincing. He’s a quick study, good at cold reading people and slyly getting you to reveal information about yourself without realising it. He’d do better in Las Vegas as a magician only this is an easier gig with (slightly) less competition. Mr LeGant is about as psychic and spiritual as a pet rock, his sort are predators of the worst kind. Please be very careful of him. If you still want to have a reading done by this fake, or attend his ‘school’, make sure all your social media accounts are on private settings before you contact him and give him your name because, as sure as the sun rises and sets, he will try to find out as much as he can about you through all avenues available. If you know someone he does, he will ask them about you or get his accomplice, excuse me, I mean student-in-training, to do so incognito. The answers you’re seeking are within you. Leon LeGant is not a seer or true guide; he lives in darkness and is motivated by selfish materialistic desires only. Be well and be blessed.