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Reported By: Oyusuf1

Contact information:
LG Electronics
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Hi there,

I am complaining about your reseller in United Arab Emirates. I bought LG 19/11 Twin wash and LG 3.5 Kg washing Machine (models: F0K1CHK2T2 and F70E1UDNK12) 5 months ago (see Invoice attached). We noticed water leakage in the very first week and your reseller told us its from the wall and had it fixed. However the leakage never stopped and recently became very strong. We reported it again and the reseller sent technician a week ago who claimed it is from the detergent!!! I had to complain again asking for replacement so they sent another technician today promising they will replace it based on his report. The technician saw the heavy leakage (attached video and photos). The technician confirmed it is not a problem from detergent but rather from Dryer Blower. Now the reseller is asking to take the washing machine to service center to repair it and offered to send me a temporary used washing machine. I have the following notes:
1- This leakage issue was there since the first week (we were eligible for immediate replacement ) but instead they had wrong diagnoses and now they say it should be repaired.
2- I paid for the most advance technology (most expensive machine) and I expect nothing less than top service.
3- How can I use used machine..I do not trust this for my kids health

Kindly solve this issue asap. I expect LG to be keen on customer satisfaction and I request immediate replacement for the faulty device.

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