LG – warranty on my fridge Serial number: 408KRTAK2425

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Reported By: mohammadalsmadi

Contact information:
Private Consumer, United Arab Emirates

Hi, I bout an LG fridge on the 1st of July from Nesto, Sharjah, UAE and shipped it to Jordan. the fridge should be under 10 years of maintenance and repairing warranty. last week the motor of the fridge broke down. we called LG in Jordan. they came today and said the motor needs to be changed. they also said that the warranty is only good in UAE. and that they need two months to fix it and I need to pay 180 JDs (254$). when I bought the fridge they told me that LG warranty is international and it is for sure good in Jordan. please let me know if someone is going to call LG in Jordan to solve the problem and ask them to fix it faster, no body can stay without a fridge for 2 months.

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