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Reported By: Praveen Karnasula

Contact information:
Lightning Rupee

Hello, I have a loan from Lightning Rupee for $150,000 because I am having trouble meeting my financial obligations (as a result of losing my job). I have been threatening to contact my friends, family, and relatives through my contact lists because of this.

According to RBI regulations, nobody should get in touch with any of the aforementioned people (friends, relatives, family).

Regarding my privacy, please. They are levying fines that are twice the amount that was collected.

There are some small apps in the Lightning app that only allow for a payment period of seven days, during which they begin to harass you starting on the sixth day itself and fabricate photos to use as harassment on social media websites.

I hope that these apps will face some sort of punishment for not abusing ordinary people.

Please look into these apps as I am unable to activate my phone number because of such unwanted activities.

They used to call my friends every day to demand payment for the loan and harass them about it, even threatening them with punishment if they didn’t.

They used to gripe to me about this problem.

So, sir or madam, please treat it seriously and take appropriate action.


How to file a complaint against Lightning Rupee?

* Go to page
* Write Lightning Rupee in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Lightning Rupee.

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