LIKPIN LLC – fraud job offer

LIKPIN LLC Co. offer me a job but i could not found my designation in this Co. i would like to know is this real or fraud. According to Co. they got my CV from






Full Name:


Date Of Birth:


Marital Status:?:




Present Location:


Direct Mobile Number:


Education Qualifications:


What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Why do you want this job?:


Why should we hire you?:


Position Applying For:


What is your salary expectation?:


How do you Handle Stress and Pressure?:










What motivates you?:



Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?:



Are you willing To Relocate to UAE within one month if employed?


What were your favorite parts of your last job?:?



Describe a successful project you have been involved in and tell me what made it successful?:




Thank you for making out time to fill out the Online Interview/ Questioner, Your response to the online interview will be screened and we will get back to you if you are found qualified to join our working team.


Your Immediate Response Will be Highly Appreciated


Best Regards,


Mr. Andre BOSCH (Bsc)

HR Manager      


13th Floor, City Tower 1

Sheikh Zayed Road

  1. O. Box 27902

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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  1. I confirm this company is a fraud, my friend in dubai just visit the address, it doesnt exist. They send you a contract and another company to handle the visa process, DONT BELIEVE IT!!! Because the only way they require is pay by Western Union. Hope this post help to find the scammers.

  2. I got the same questionnaire and received letter of appointment/job offer from them. They didn’t even interview me over the phone or on skype and found offer too good to be true
    And now on research and verifying I’m suspecting this a scam.

  3. this is definately a fraud becasue they are asking to submit money for visa processing and this is bulshit……….
    Aaron thanks for confirmation
    Good Luck to all of you….:-)

  4. Dear All,

    I too got a job offer contract and asked to contact travel agent for visa. I have checked a lot and found to be spam. pls dont respond to the mail.

  5. i too got this same mail & appoinment letter, so i directly cal lto LIKPIN LLP office number i got the update this is SCAM….

  6. Yes, me too got an offer letter from LIKPIN LLC and found out it is a scam. They do not even have a landline number and I understand nobody hires without an interview….They want us to contact a travel agency for processing the work permit visa and that is their plan to get money…

    Please be aware of such scams…