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Reported By: Anshul

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Locanto.me Bangalore

I was scrolling locanto for fun and got the number of one of the escort services, I messaged on the number with a hi, the person responded back asking the location and city, then he send me pictures of some girls and asked to select with rates, once selection was completed, he asked me to pay 500 in advance and go to the location for pick up. I went there and then he asked me to pay remaining 3000 rupees, once I made the payment, he sent me a link and asked to show the code on reception. I refused then he asked me to pay 5500/- for safety of the girl, I refused but he insisted and send his id proofs and one other document to build trust. I paid 5500/- and send him the screenshot of gpay. Later he said the amount has to be double sided which means I need to pay the same amount for the safety of girl also where he also mentioned that it will be refunded. I paid again. Then he sent me link and asked me to pay registration fee of 6499, which I again refused . He managed to convince me again and I paid another 6499. I realised that it a scam and left the place.


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