Lodha Group – Lodha Upper Thane (Biased Behavior by HPM Property Manager: Mr. Giri)

Reported By: Pooja Agrawal

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Lodha Group

My Name is Ms. Pooja Agrawal, working with Accenture Ltd as Vice President -Consulting. Along with me, My sister, Roli Agrwal HR Head and my parents, retd.govt employees have shifted from Navi Mumbai to Lodha Upper Thane because of three Major reasons: Peace of mind, Fresh Air and safety of Senior Citizens and Females. My parents can live a healthy life as My mother is struggling with Acute Bronchitis and Hypertension(very high BP Issue) and Father is struggling with IBD disease.
We initially bought Flat in Casa Treetops F wing for investment purpose but when we visited here, we realized that this place can become a Major reason for the betterment of my parents. Hence we thought of buying another 3 BHK to stay for a longer purpose.
But the incident on May 08, 2022 was an eye opener and had forced us to drop the plan of buying another flat rather than thinking of selling the current flat. Infact raised two Major concern.
1) Individual Safety: There was a vexatious and unpleasant incident that happened on May 08, 2022 in the society by my neighbor in which the neighbor threatened our life and tried to be physical with my sister and with the help of other neighbors intervention we could save ourselves.
(Unfortunately this happened because we have kept our shoe-racks touching our own flat wall and are not creating any safety hazard to flat occupier in any way unlike other few members(there are almost 90% in Lodha Upper thane) who have kept other stuff and Shoe-racks which could be dangerous in case of disaster. Also, its our religious customs that we do not take the shoes inside our home for Hygiene and health reasons (as my mother has Acute Bronchitis at the age of 70) and hence park them outside the main entrance in a disciplined way in racks. We have however nothing in mind to break society rules and regulations.)
We Highlighted immediately to the Lodha Upper Thane HPM team via email and phone call on 999 and next day when i visited HPM office for the same, i was advised that since its personal matter hence i should take the police channel as HPM team can only help by intervening through 911 but cannot take any action against neighbor. With that, i had to file a complaint against them and had shared a copy with the HPM team on May 10, 2022.
I didn’t raise any objection even after that, but the irony is, by the influence of the same neighbor, instead of sending any COC(Code of Conduct) to them for behavioral issues, breaking peace etc, Lodha Upper Thane HPM property Manager (Mr. Giri) has sent me COC and reminders with the threat of damaging my property. However this COC was not shared by Lodha initially at the time of Occupying Flat.

Not only this, incase of :

Hygiene and Noise Pollution: Pet Dogs, according to section 51(A)g of the constitution of India, each individual has right to keep pet Dogs in the society but as per AWBI( Animal Welfare Board of India) has issued a notification that has detailed list of norms for dog owners, as they should have License to keep and feed the dogs, without that they are not authorized. I am sure Lodha has not set any COC for the same. We have never raised any objection to that also but when it comes to Peace of mind, hygiene and noise pollution, we notified HPM team but no action has been taken by HPM team. Neighbor dog keeps on scratching the door, barking during midnight, afternoon, morning not once but most of the time due to which my parents who are more than 70+ cannot sleep the whole night and during the day as well(I had to get recorded the audio at 2 am and noon time, can share, if need be). Also will invite attention to the hygiene menace due to dog [censored] on our floor, in the garden area and other common places. But nothing has been done by the Lodha Upper Thane HPM team nor they sent any COC or took strict action against the same.

This incident and biased behavior has affected my family’s health and peace so much that I had to visit the hospital twice to normalize my Mother’s Blood Pressure.

Hence with a lot of effort, I could get connected with this platform with the hope that you guys will help me with justice here.

I am enclosing a few pictures for your reference, there are many worse than this and I am sure you can understand our pain behind writing this.

I am hoping that you will help to streamline this and at least take some action against this biased behavior.



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