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Reported By: shreeparna sarkar

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I had booked for Laser treatment in this clinic under Dr Yashu. They took Rs 30000 advance on the first day. But during the treatment I found that, they don’t have certified machines. They acquire laser machines from private vendors. They forced me to pay the entire money of Rs 60,000, in advance subsequently.

The doctor would stop the treatment in the middle and force me to pay the money. The machines would never work, then the doctor, Dr Yashu, would try different variations of that laser on me. I finally got scared because these were not certified machines also, no specs were ever given to me.

I was exposed to different variations of radiations from these fake unsafe machines. She would keep trying different variations of these radiations on me. I would be scared that I might contract cancer because of exposure to these radiations. After 6 such treatments no results were shown. So I asked for my refund.

After running after them for months. they returned only partially the money and still holding back some of it. The concern is more about medical negligence and untrained doctors and usage of uncertified machines for the treatment. The doctor doesn’t seem trained, also the machines are not certified.

No maintenance records for these machines are also maintained. These are some wrong practices being followed there.


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