Madhya Bharat Info – M.B. Infotech

Let me add the to the list Pratap(M B Infotech),,,,,,,,,,,,If you forgot you also signed a contract with SeroGlobal for the chat process,,,,,,,,what happened to it,,,,,,,,,,,just took the money paid your bill and look for another prey,,,,,,,,you talk so much about the contract this and that,,,,,,do you even understand it or you only know how to do fraud properly,,,,,,,,and your so called clients,, James and Richard,,,,,,,do they even exist or they are just e-mail address,,,,,,,,,,we have been trying to cali you for the last 10 days,,,,,,,,,I have called you almost 100 times,,,,,,,,you didn’t even have the courtesy to pick up the phone once,,,,why would you,,,,,,,because you are a big cheat, fraud and any other word,,,,you don’t even have shame of your old age and doing such cheap crimes,,,,,,,big shame on you and don’t think i’ll let you run away with my money,,,,,,,,,,,,i’ll find you for sure whether i’ll have to chase you till Gujrat your actual home and also whether your name is Pratap Kumar or Pradeep Singhania or Pradeep Pratap Singhania whatever,,,,,,,If you have guts call me,,,,,,,,,08447205891,,,,,,

for the rest everyone in this community Pratap is a big fraud and never ever do any kind of deal with him and if you happened to meet him personally hand him over to the Police


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