Magma Fincorp Limited – Magma submitted my cheques after loan termination without my authorization

Alex KA,
s/o Antony , Kadeparambil House,
Kannakattu road, Edacochin,
Pambaimoola, Edakochi, Kerala – 682010

KL 43 G 8083
Vehicle: Eon Dlite +

Magma Fincorp Limited

Customer name: Alex K A ( Kadeparambil Antony Alex)
Magma Fincorp Ltd, Kochi
Business address: Magma Fincorp Limited, Magma House, 24, Park Street, Kolkata – 7000016

Business website :
Business phone: 0484 405 5666

contact number : 9947611965

Loan number/ proposal number: PG/0119/C/13/000400

[email protected]

Dear Sir,

Subject: magma fincorp ltd — Magma submitted my cheques after loan termination without my authorization

Here is my vehicle account details:
Registration number: KL 43 G 8083
Vehicle: Eon Dlite +

I had taken a loan from Magma Fincorp Ltd, Kochi, Kerala and i was unable to pay the last few installments due to my poor financial condition. I had then surrendered my vehicle KL 43 G 8083 to Magma Fincorp Ltd, Kochi, Kerala. The vehicle was then sold to another person and i was informed by Magma that i would receive my cheques to my address in post. I still have not received my cheques.I only have received my finance termination letter.

After a very long time, i have received a letter asking me to pay the balance amount for KL 43 G 8083.

I have attached documents alongwith this mail as reference . Please reply urgently. You may contact me at anytime on 9947611965 or mail me for any further queries.

Magma Fincorp has cheated me by not sending me my cheques and then submitting my cheques to the bank without my authorization for a vehicle which is not even in my name now . That vehicle has been sold off to another person by Magma afteri had surrendered .


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