MAHINDRA HOLIDAYS & RESORTS INDIA LIMITED – Cancellation & Full Refund of Club Mahindra Membership

Hello, Yesterday [ 7-October-2013 ] evening I have purchased Club Mahindra membership ( I don’t have membership Number as i have not registered it on their website yet & i have too not received coupon No. ). I have paid total amount of Rs 26200/- [ Rs 24000 by Hdfc Credit Card & 2200 by Cash ] but now i want to cancel this membership due to personal & financial reasons. At the time of purchase they told me that i can cancel it any time and will get 100% Full Refund of my money. But Today [ 7-October-2013 ] when i talked to them in their office they told me that i must have to register or login on their system and must provide 2 checks or Credit Card details for EMI purpose to proceed with Cancellation of membership. Which i do not want to proceed. But they are forcing me to do this. Even they are telling me that cancellation process will take more than 20 Days. But i know that they have Refund policy of within 10 Days. So i would like to send them a notice. May i know at which address i can send them notice Local office or Main office or Corporate office for Consumer court ?
Abhinav Srivastava
Mob: 9795840454

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