MAKEWAY FAB – Product return and Refund MT163833991228

Reported By: Farida

Contact information:

The quality of the product is extremely poor and the dress displayed online and delivered is entirely different .please get me the refund at the earliest.
The order ID is MT16383399128

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  1. These above two Packets

    AWB NO : 14202120092554  AND

    AWB NO : 14202120092436 are the two shipments





    received from 

    MAKE WAY FEB company

    1. Madhusmita Pattanaik

      The product I received from MAKEWAY FAB order ID is
      MT164218003860 ,the product which I have received that’s totally different which I have order.I want to return the item ,please some one help me how I have to return it .
      Thank you


    The product I received order no.MT164163731666 product:S-868 L,S-947.The same I received on:13th inst.In this regard the product is absolutely different than that the product display in your Make way Fab. I am not ready to accept it & intend to return the same,so i hereby request you to arrange to get return at the earliest & Proceed to refund my Total Amount at the earliest.

  3. I received order no. GH164328059360 product CP-989XL on 31 Jan 2022 .The product is totally different than that the product I ordered display In your site Make Way Fab. I am not going to accept it and want to I request you to arrange to get return at the earliest &proceed to refund my total amount.

  4. Priyanka Tulsian

    Such a cheat fraud company , just fooling the customer. And a company like meesho has undertaken such fraud company in there aap. It is shameful for meesho to hire such companies. U are breaking the trust of the customer.
    I have ordered a gown and got a rag of cloth. U barstards will never survive cheating on people n looting there hard earned money. I want my money back or else i have to sue the meesho itself.Hi! we’ve delivered your order MT164373852186 from MAKEWAY FAB. K 130M

  5. on20th feb 2022 i liked a dress on make way fab surat site through Facebook & paid full amt 599₹ but its a fake site because i didn’t get any order sms from their side pl see that such fake people shoulc not get access & use Facebook to loot people. how can i get my money back.

  6. I have ordered 2full salwar suits combo for 1350/- rs but received a very cheap quality dress i want to return the dress and refund my money paid in cash order no is GH 164467101852

  7. Duffers people you have submitted wrong product of my dress, so just tell me how to return the product,and better refund my money. Or I will complaint in police station.My dad is in police officer.So better refund my money as soon as possible.

  8. Me Jyoti Tomar Gwalior se mp se bol rhi hu mene shut magaya tha apne sadi bheji hai galat product bheja hai mujhe apne 1199 rupy waps cahiye jo mene phone pe kiye apko mujhe waps kijiye mujhe ummid hai aap peshe waps kr deange 🙏🏻 Aap ka bhut bada upkar hoga dhanywad

  9. Order no TC164909536312…Wrong product delivered. Ordered staggering pista col printed dress displayed online sponsored Taance and received fashion jewellery from Make way fab. Pls refund my money and arrange return pick up. This is the I think 3 rd time I am registering my complaint . But of no use. Pls do the needful .

  10. According to my ordered material, didn’t received the same. My order no.GH164956194221. So you collect the materials fro me and arrange to refund money, which I paid in the time of delivery.
    Sutapa Sarkar

  11. Hello I ordered 2 suites & they send me totally wrong . So I want to refund my money . My Contact number

  12. The product I received from the makeway fab ID164922528455 received item was totally different which I have I request to get return and plzzzz proceed to refund my amount,..


  14. I had ordered for a lady suit as shown in image but in turn received cloth against my order no. FY165052332110. Please take back the cloth and refund the amount paid in cash.

  15. I ordered one ANARKALI SUIT and you shipped one SAREE and
    my invoice no.retail61959
    Invoice date.2022-04-25
    And my name SAAYAD ARIF
    Mobile no. 9911285487

  16. Prasad Mhankale

    Wrong material received. I will not recommend Makeway Fab to anyone until I get my refund. I spent Rs 1100 for wrong and poor material. I ordered combo offer 2 women’s suits and I received only kurti and saree which very poor quality. Order number GH165173416994. Pls pay attention and send correct material.

  17. I ordered 2 kurtas of worth 1950 Rs but I received wrong product that is 2 sarees of cheap quality. I want to return/exchange that product otherwise refund my money.

  18. Nishrin abbas

    The quality of prodect extremely poor, and the dress display online and delivered extremely different.
    Pls get me refund .
    Order I’d is GH165186155258

  19. The quality of the product is extremely poor and the dress displayed online and delivery is extremely different. Please get me refunded and the earliest.The order i’d number is MT165266797412

  20. The product quality is very poor and dress displayed online entirely different please get me the refund at the earliest

  21. Indira Priyadarshini

    Good morning sir
    I received very cheap quality products from Makeway fab. Please return my products

  22. My order no 14202120086722 product is entirely different from which I ordered. Collect back it and refund my amount. Its altogether different and cheap product. Company seems to be a fraud. Why such cheating

  23. Dhanpati Kadyan

    I ordered a suit worth 1049 and I was delivered a junk neck piece. How cheap.
    Total fraud. Pls pick up the shit delivered and either deliver suit ordered or refund my amount