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Malaysia Airlines – [case#2018040737001832] refund request update. 2322451953912

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Reported By: Macarafe

Contact information:
Malaysia Airlines


I made a reservation on November, Kuala Lumpur – Bali with a booking code: QXBCXX
Due to the vulcano situation i had to cancel my flight. The reservation department and myself had serveral emails regarding this topic, where they told me they proceed to cancel and escalate it to the “relevant department” to refund me the money, after i had to send the proofs of changes of big flights, cancelations of hotels and so on.
They advice me it will take between 3weeks and 3 months and they requested a little bit patience.

OH WELL… we hae 29th May of 2018 and i am still waiting until my money is back:
I wrote once after another time, a total amount of 12 emails !!! and i always got the same stupid answer:

Dear Maria,
Thank you for your response with Malaysia Airlines.
Kindly be advised we have forwarded your request to the relevant department for an update of the refund. Hence, once we receive notification will inform you accordingly.
Hope the above clarifies your concern. We would appreciate your kind patience till we receive notification in regards to your request.
Thank you for your time.
Warm Regards,

The different people writing me were named:
Charleen (4 times), Maria, Inise, Rahnuma (3 times)

My first email on 29.11.18:
“I called yesterday or 2 days ago to ask about my flight situation to Bali because the airport was closed. They told me i could cancel or change destination until the very last minute.
As today in the morning the airport was still closed, i decided to change my flight from Abu Dhabi to KL for one day longer, for security, and while i came back and called Malaysia Airlines, the airport of Bali reopened again (with the risk to be closed again depending on the [censored] situation)
I told the woman on the phone that i already decided not to go, for security and because i already moved my flights (also my colleagues flying from Singapore) and i told her someone on the phone on my first called said i can do it until the very last minute.
We even had to cancel our home in Bali.
Attached you have my first flight i had to change, the new flight 1 day later and the email with the cancelation of the house we had in Bali
Please make all this easier for me as it is already being very complicate and this situation with the volcano was destroying already our holidays.
Thanks for the understanding and the support..


i had a horrible beginning of holidays and you are helping to keep remembering it because the capacity of resolution of problems is 0

I would like you to answer me something at least, different as the las 12 emails.

Looking forward for it

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