Mandar Lande – WAAYU App – Mandar Lande is the Co-Founder and CEO of Destek Infosolutions, and also Co-Founder of Legal Nextt, HR Nextt, Meri Dukaan, DhakDhak, Elektrify,

Reported By: Ketki Amravati

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Mandar Lande – WAAYU App Pune

Very Important Complain Against Mandar Lande and Destek Infosolution for Bad Doing and Cheating Business

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am write this letter with heavy heart and feeling of cheat that I never think possible in professional work. My dealing with Mandar Lande, co-funder and CEO of Destek Infosolutions, has been nightmare of worst kind, showing very bad misconduct and ethical very low.

My journey into this trouble start when me and my partners got pitch from Destek Infosolutions, promising very big app development that will change our business. We trust their promise and give big amount of 5 lakhs, but then we are cheated. The promise app never come, Mandar Lande and his people disappear, changing office and leaving us with no product and no way to do anything.

This cheating make very big problem for my business, which was to grow with ‘Meridukan App’. Trying to reach company give no result, with employees leaving and Mandar Lande nowhere to be found, not caring for the trouble caused.

Looking more into Mandar Lande work, I find very bad things. Mandar Lande not only cheat in business, but also treat employees very bad, specially lady staff by making them work extra without need, and doing shout and bad talk to team, showing he is not good leader but bad one.

Also, Mandar Lande have many legal problems, with cases in labor court and consumer court for cheating people and not giving salary to 27 employees and leaving 7 clients with no service or money back. This show pattern of taking advantage and wrong behavior that is shocking and not right.

More bad is Mandar Lande arrest with one director, Kapil Jhaveri, for drugs in Goa, showing more bad about leadership of Destek Infosolutions.

So, I ask with respect for you to take quick action on Mandar Lande and Destek Infosolutions. Small business like mine is very important, and when people like Mandar Lande do bad things without stop, it make trust go away in our business world. I want justice for me and my partners and to protect future business people from such bad persons.

Please give your fast attention to stop more harm and make sure these people get right punishment for their wrong doings.

Thank you very much,

Mandar Lande is Co-Founder of Destek Infosolutions , one of Pune’s leading and most trusted digital marketing and web development companies

Who are the CEO, Founders and Directors of WAAYU App? Anirudha Kotgire, Co-Founder, is a founder of 1 company. Mandar Lande, Co-Founder, is a founder of 6 companies and on the board of 1 company


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