Manish Rawat has destroyed my life and peace.
I Wasted my time and money on him.
All he wanted was more time and with more time–more money.

I have lost my trust on astrology. I feel cheated, all my savings are now exhausted.

You are a cheat and a fake person Manish Rawat.

Please do not trust him.

God will punish you and your family for all your wrong deeds.

2 thoughts on “MANISH RAWAT ASTROLOGER – Got Cheated by MANISH RAWAT”

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  1. I was surfing internet and was shocked after watching negative reviews. I have been in regular touch with my clients & I have never received any such complaint. They are living happily with my Astro solutions. I know that you are not an authentic person & either you are any of my competitors or doing this on behalf of my competitor to tarnish my image. I have been serving people for years. My clients are living a happy & a peaceful life because of my authentic solutions. If you really do have a problem, then provide your real identity & be specific in telling me how I have cheated you. Neither had you shared your real identity nor any contact no. I have never done a wrong to anybody. I believe in God & know that he will surely punish you for this act of negative marketing. For your information, I have also lodged a police complaint against you in Cyber Crime Cells having receipt no. EN435194585IN, dated on 3rd.July.2015 & you will be caught with no mercy.

    Message for Competitors
    It’s really bad to do negative marketing to mis-guide people. You should better try to focus on improving your work and satisfying your client. People are not fool that they will be driven by such fake negative reviews. They know that mostly competitors do this by hiding their identity. Why don’t you come for healthy competition? Don’t indulge in this sort of competition. Don’t pay to cyber teams to tarnish my image, just provide better solution to clients. Don’t get indulge in creating misunderstanding among people. Come & have a healthy competition. My mobile number is 9666475330. If you do have a problem & you are my genuine client then you should contact me to discuss your problem.

  2. I understand your concern Nimesh.
    Astrology is not about what Manish Rawat preaches.
    Astrology does not believe in black magic. Also, it does not rocket quick solutions.
    I think Manish Rawat is just using people who are in problems.
    He sure is a fake astrologer.
    I would recommend you to write your problem to me @ [email protected].
    I am an astrologer myself.