Mantri Developers – Fraud by Mantri Developers

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Reported By: Sunnyshubh

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Mantri Developers

Mantri Developers had launched “Double your investment and preEMI till possession” scheme in 2013 and continued the scheme for many forthcoming years. Many customers like us went for the scheme as it was Mantri Developers and PnB association.

* We had our buyback ended in Aug, 2016 and there has been no promised return from Mantri.
* Also there is 4 months of preEMI lag right now, which is huge for us.
* There has been no proper communication from Mantri Management.
* Mantri family is on vacation abroad and management is not answering/ returning promised returns along with discrepancies in preEMIs.

We are financially and mentally stressed due the ignorant and unprofessional behavior of Mantri Management.

This is a clear fraud and illegal.

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