MASSTERES IN CIT NAGAR CHENNAI,T NAGAR – Massteres in T nagar .chennai cheating all the students life

Friends, Becareful of the institute Massters In T nagar(cit nagar bus stop, icici bank near) chennai.This institute in T nagar is a fake institute, having no trainers with them, always asking for money and no more teaching .In the initial time Raja Lakshi (one of the first criminal in the institute ) give fake promise to the students like project, resume preparation and backend support and so manything .she give promises for getting the interview in the top mnc companies .but the institute has no contact with anyone. fake fake fake.. Here the sales persson Ms.Priya from vedharanyam .she is the sales person and calling to the all student and gives fake promises to the studen. Then Ms.Rajalakshmi. best life killer .she is not a humen being . always say fake words and after finishing the course .she never attend the call of the student .always switched off while calling .saying fake words Then Mr.suresh . one of the dubakoor in this institute.he says that he is managing director of the instituion .but 3 people has no contact with the mnc companies .asked the ex students to take classes for new students . best faking persons .always saying like we have board meeting .. i saw one time ms .Rajalakshi said that about board meeting .. i follow her to that place ..there is no board meeting .. i was shocked .. she was having juice and walking along the road and maitain the same with the student like board meeting .. While paying the money, Ms priya gives the other company receipt .this is fake institution . BEST DUBAKOOR INSTITUTE IN CIT NAGAR CHENNAI.. STUDENT PLZ AWARE OF THIS INSTITUTE .SAVE YOUR MANY AND LIFE

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  1. I paid Rs.20000 for SAP ABAP module..The HR sounded conivincing but they dint complete ma course fully they dont give hands on training at all.. Not even the basic level training is been taken. I lost ma money and i contacted Suresh to get my money back but he was using harsh and bad words.. They promised me that they will get me job in singapore.. But if i go and ask for job they are threatening me..

  2. Massters School of Information Technology, 52, Pragadeeswar Complex, 1st Main Road, C.I.T.Nagar, T.Nagar, Chennai – 600 017. Tele : 4286 7711/22 /33 is No. 1 of the Fraudulent Institute of Chennai for SAP. So, Friends, Students, Employees, Students from Other States Beware of this Fraud Institute and Its H R Person RajaLakshmi who convincing approach towards Students to Trap them into this Institute which Doesnt Have Faculties and A Garage Type of Lab with This Facilities she Charges Students for The SAP Courses Rs.25000/- for Single Module after Joining of Students there wont be Proper Classes , Class Timings, Centre wont be opened at Right Timmings. She fools all the Students who come for Course Enquiry and Acts as if She is a person who bathers about you. They Have Cheated Many Students Since Nov 2013. So Beware of This Fake Institute. She Also Promises of Job Oppurtutinity in Sands one of the FAKE CLIENTS OF Massters and asks the employed Students to Resign the Current Job and Join her Institute to Waste their Time, Money and Plays with the Students Life. Beware of this Cunning Fox RajaLakshmi