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Reported By: rohit

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Greetings, I’m Rohit Sharma.
I attend school.
One day, I received a call from Webimpact Data Services regarding a data entry assignment that required me to complete 1200 pages in 12 days.
I agreed once they called and explained everything to me because I needed money at the time.
My aadhaar card, my picture, and my signature were requested.
I gave them access to my paper.
However, I was unaware that they were using these documents to form a contract.
They are now want money from me.
I last heard from them in a message that read:

Dear user,
This is to inform you that the legal department of WEBIMPACT DATA SERVICES has received your case, and we found that your agreement has been terminated. Now, we have verified your case and found that you have breached the clause of an agreement. As per an Indian Contract Act 1872 you have signed an agreement and if you don’t make payment for losses then section 17 shall be imposed on you. We are serious about our client’s Infinity loss of their work. Now, you need to pay an amount as per agreement term. As per an Indian Penal code section 420 shall be imposed on you if you abscond from the situation. Now you don’t pay that amount what our client is demanding for then, you need to pay double the amount and legal notice will be issued to you. If you fail to pay this amount then, we will call you here for legal proceedings.

If you have not paid the dues till date. Please be informed that this will have a serious impact on your credit history in these following ways:

•You will be reported as defaulters in CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and CRIF Highmark. This will mean that you will not be eligible to avail loans from banks/financial institutions. You will not be able to get a credit card in the future.
•If you have existing loans, then you may get a call from your lenders about your delinquency. They may even reduce your credit limit because of the delays.
•You may have trouble with background verification with your future employers. We have a case against you because of “Breach of Contract”.
•If you are a student, then it will inform your institution about your defaulter case.

We urge you to consider this notice with utmost importance and make arrangement to repay the overdue amount as mentioned in Agreement along with legal fee till actual realization of the said amount, If you are not able to make the payment within 1 hrs from the date of receipt of this notice, we would have to initiate necessary actions.

Section 45 of Coercion act shall be imposed on you, if you try to coerce our client. Our client is sole proprietor and if you don’t follow any of our advice, then the Arbitrary Act as per an article 14 shall be imposed on you. Court will select an Arbitrator and at that time you might need to pay Rs.15000/- for total loss. We want you to cooperate with our client. Please make payment as early as possible.
Kindly revert to this mail for closing issues.

if you want settle this issue then contact to our legal advisor and settle this issue asap.

Feel free to get in touch with ADV. PAYAL RAJPUT for any clarifications.

Legal advisor

Please help me in this i am a student and i don’t know what to do now


How to file a complaint against MicroDataTask.co.in?

* Go to page
* Write MicroDataTask.co.in in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from MicroDataTask.co.in.

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    1. Bro,
      What is your work? And what company?
      Did you completed the 12 days work or not?
      Or you continuously doing this job?????