Mothers Pride Play School – Scools Authorised Agency HOCUSPOCUS Asking for bribe

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Posted On: 15/09/2016
Reported By: nitsha440

Contact information: Mothers Pride Play School

My kid took part in Annual day function organised by mother pride where a video was made for his presentation. Now after few days we got a call and message that there is a compettion purely based on candidates performance in which if candidate get 1lakh views they will award gift of 25 k . The compettion was organised by HOCUSPOCUS authorised agency for conducting photoshoot for motherpride. Yesterday i got a call from someone stating that he is callong from hocupocus and if we agree to pay around 25k hocupocus will get 1lkh views for our kid and our kid will gain fam and will win the contest. If like this way schools are promoting compettions only people who have lot of money can have there child win all contest but other side parents who are somehow managung fees and sending there kids to school and there kid is also good in acedemics and extra curiculam acitivites but unable to pay bribe will be left out. I will definetely take this up to higher authorities in media and education department.

Nitin Sharma
Sector 5 Gurgaon

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