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Dear Sir/Mam,
I am dinesh kumar and our policy no. 006285941 and policy name vision life income plan and our advisor name :- uniwealth insurance brokerage and advisor code no. 002469. Client id:-3540168560
1) Aman sharm Mobile no.09990457316 told me . we have offer for loan your take the policy 20,000 Rs and our company provide the loan of 300000 but our company provide the loan for 0% interested . he is told me. you are don’t discursion anybody the agent .
2) . 2) Rohit Gupta(8860992562) he is team leader for this team
3) Rahul Gupta(8595057950) Sr Team leader for This team
4) Ravi agrwal (9971506818) this person of Finance Department
5) Rahul Jain (7533052713) This person of Finance Department
6) Rajesh (9015708043)
7) Rohit Gupta(9278734402)
8) rohit gupta(9212707113)
9) pankaj sharma (9540015995)
10) Rakesh (9540529944)
11) R.P. (9213994415)
12)Satish sharma(8377954511)
Rohul gupta each and every time told wait for 7 to 8 days . so I have competed 45 days then next person is ravi aagrwal received call but ravi tiling me . I have transfer your file For TDS Department but after some I have call for akash gupta but he is tiling me . your loan amount is 300000 and I have deducted for 12.5% but you have taken a new policy for 12,500 and ravi agrwal send the address ravi aggrwal mob.9971506818) C/o Birla sun life insurance company ltd address DLF 33 industrial area near matro piller num-316 motinagar pin-110015 . I am send my document passport Xerox, Pan card Xerox, 2 photo and 12,500 chuqe but I am paid the amount for this policy . rakesh is fill me application but fill all details send the application on birla sun life insurance company ltd but . I have received call on sundya but she told me do have any policy for birla sun life insurance company so I am tiling . I have one policy for 20,000 and next policy. Rohit Gupta(Santosh kumar agarwal ) have told me . you have given money of 5000 Rs so I am send the cancellation Request but I have send 5000 money account of MD Zamal asaraff from nehar and account no 049800150000

Pay Out Form

Policy No.: 006285941_ Date: 30th oct-2013

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above policy, please process – (Tick the appropriate below)

 Transfer fund of old policy to new policy
 Withdraw commission / Stop Agent commission
 Fund Withdrawal with profit / growth /commission – Amount Rs._20000
 Refund – Excess Money Paid with profit / growth
 Loan @ 0% Rs._300000___
 Re – Issue the policy

Name of the Policy Holder ___DINESH KUMAR_________________


City:_PUNE_____ State _______MAHARASTRA_________

Pin Code___411058_

Mobile No:________9960841818______ Land Line ___________________________

E-MAIL ______dnshkmr73@gmail.com_____________________

Bank Account Details

Policy Holder Name as per Bank Records:__DINESH KUMAR_________


Bank Account No.____63031636156________________

IFSC : SBIN0001110_____

• Payment will be credited to the given bank account except in the case where the banks are not participating in Electronic Clearing

Policy holder’s signature to be taken on cancelled cheque. Cancelled cheque should bear the name of the policyholder/account holder’s name & IFSC
/ RTGS / NEFT Code. In the absence of these details, the applicant needs to submit a recent bank statement of the same Bank Account. The bank a/c
number should be clear & visible (please do not cross on a/c no.). If such details are not available direct transfer would not be an option.

Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited. Birla Sun Life Insurance
One India Bulls Center, Tower I,
16th Floor, Jupiter Mill Compound,
841, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai 400013
Email: : Website: www.

Terms & Conditions

1. In case of Commission of Traditional Plans, Outstanding Loan Amount will be adjust

2. The Contract shall conclude upon payment of the Commission money and the same shall be treated as valid discharge for
Company (RLIC)

3. RLIC shall not pay any money against Commission, partial withdrawal, refund of excess money or loan amount in the form of cash.

4. If the electronic credit is not affected, delayed or credited to wrong account due to incorrect or incomplete information provided,
RLIC shall not be held liable now or in future for such losses.

5. In the event the credit is not affected by your banker for any reason, RLIC reserves the right to make payment through

6. All the above requisitions shall be processed as per the terms & conditions as mentioned in the policy contract and will be

7. In case of submission of cancelled cheque leaf from NRE A/c, Payment may be credited through Cheques.

8. In case of Assigned policies, Policy Holder who owns the title & interest of the policy will eligible to apply for the termination of the contract.

I understand & agree to all the above terms & conditions as referred above.

_____________D.kumar___ __5th –Mar-2014____
Signature of Policy Holder Date (DD/MM/YY

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