– Company is not providing mt caips notes

Reported By: Niyamit Kataria

Contact information:

I applied for my caips notes through ”” on 2nd june 2022 and i was told that i will get my caips notes in 40-50 days , but now it has been more then 94 days i have not got caips notes, even the madam is not responding on call and every time saying to send email even for little things .

After 2 months they sent me refund and thinking that they have got free from their responsibility.
But making someone wait for 2 months and wasting someone’s 2 months and then just sending the refund not at all makes the company free of their responsibility.

And moreover the madam is making a false blame of harassment on me as she has done with one more customer Mr jaswinder singh who has also complained about the company here. I have already requested her that is she thinks that i am harassing her ,which is not at all true, still she can give me the contact information of some male member of her company or team.


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