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Reported By: Rameez Mohammed

Contact information: Europe

They are total frauds & cheaters 100000% a complete no-show for more than 20 days when requesting for a refund, the reason for the refund was that the passenger who was supposed to travel died tragically 12 days before the travel date, date of death 1st december 2022 & date of flight 13th december 2022. even after submitting all legal & official related documents to prove the death of the person, their pathetic system does not accept it at all. they dont provide any help or support from any angle no matter however you try to reach them, they dont even take such a serious type of request on an official email chain of communication, when requested to them for more than 10 days every single day. and then they respond 15 days later from the flight, that the passenger was a no show. stay 100 kms away from them in regards to any travel needs.


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