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Respected Sir,
I had a complain against the Neelkanth Jain Travels Ahmedabad.I had done booking from Ahmedabad to Aurangabad on October 14 2013 my booking ID given by Make My Trip is NU27012953435370 & PNR no. is 15863124-482226,the bording time from Ahmedabad was 14 October 2013 at 6.30Pm i had went at their office at 6 Pm,we were departed on 6.30Pm from ahmedabad after that we reached to Karjan Toll naka Near Bharuch at around 10.30Pm on 14 Oct 2013 bus got Stuck & need the repairing so Neelkanth group peopled tried to Repair the Bus but unfortunately its doesn’t start than they are calling another Bus of Neelkanth from Ahmedabad which reached at Karjan Toll naka around 4.00 Am 15 oct 2013 & we than headed to Aurangabad again around 4.30 Am 15 oct 2013 as new Bus had come after first one was not working we reached to Navapur in Thane District & again the New Bus which was brought from Ahmedabad had stopped working at around 10.30 Am 15 oct 2013 Now Neelkanth group Peoples were trying to Repair the New bus but unfortunately they couldn’t do it than they decided to refund the money back to the passengers at that point of time but Driver & other person with Him doesn’t have any money with them to refund so they contacted the concerned person in the office & they tranfer the amount in the passengers SBI account at last they gave Rs.2200 & we were 10 passengers all going to aurangabad it was 12.45 Pm 15 Oct 2013 this amount was ofcourse not enough as we were 10 passengers per head it was Rs.220 but as they have No money we don’t have any option with Us,Some people even went wihout Any refund after this problem & some were given 100 or Rs 200 for Bhusaval & others as we don’t have any option for the refund & bus we moved to MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) bus stand which cost us Rs. 60 , we all 10 passengers were at bus stand waiting for the Bus than we got bus to Dhule (Maharashtra ) which cost Rs.116 Each we reached about 4.30 pm to Dhule than we again we were in bus stand & at last we reached to Aurangabad at around 8.30 Pm 15 oct 2013 it cost Rs.150 Each so the total cost from Navapur to Aurangabad comes to Rs 266 per head Bus fare & additional Rs. 60 for the Auto we took from Navapur Highway to Navapur Bus stand no the concern is they have not Even provided me the whole amount from navapur to aurangabad & the whole day of mine is wasted as i reached at 8.30 Pm 15 oct 2013 instead of schedule reaching at morning of 15 oct 2013. I am an Auditor working with Chartered Accountant firm in Ahmedabad going to Aurangabad for my official work there as the whole day of mine is wasted my work of Audit remains Incomplete which also cost me a Lot,even i didn’t get the enough fund for reaching to Aurangabad from Neelkanth Jain Travels & the service for which they are committed to me as i paid them Rs. 550 for Sleeper Coach from Ahmedabad to Aurangabad, from Navapur Thane i had to move in MSRTC bus which is not a sleeper coach so i Kindly request to refund the Money of mine for Non Availability of the Services of Travels & the whole day is wasted of mine so the cost of that Day.Even i had made Complain with the Make My Trip website on 19 Oct 2013 but i didn’t get any answer regarding the same from Make My Trip till date the complain reference ID to make my trip is 131017-053745.The address details of Neelkanth jain travels is JAIN TR. UJALA AVENUE, OPP . VISALA HOTEL. BH VRL TRAVELS.OPP PATEL PARKING, VISHALA NAROL ROAD.. & contact number is 9374166198 – 09898091011.
Please let me know how can i get my Refund back from Neelkanth Jain Travels or what would be the procedure for it & let me know what can be happened to this complain at my Email Address or my Contact number +919510428260 at your earliest convenience.
Thanks & Regards
Akash Mehta

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