I invested in Nessa Leisure FD Scheme, also got PDC towards principle amount and cheque for interest is yet not issued. Cheque for principle returned due to unsufficient funds in account. Please advice what to do.

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  1. Hi i am investor in Neesa Group, surprisingly i am one of the potential investor in the FD and NCD/OCD issue by this group. I have also invested my hard earned money like you all and even many of my circle too. I have been meeting the company representatives, viz. CA Deepak Agrawal, Mr. Rajesh Mishra, Mr. Bhavesh etc etc. However, their attitude results to the damage of the company with their miss commitments as it seems they have sucked our hard earned money.

    I met recently one of their new representative who had actually worked hard for investors like us. Mr. Nihad Baluch seems to be good enough who is really working hard for this group and he explained me about the actual conditions of the group. What i have seen he has worked out for many investor like me who are in need of money, he soughed out our problems in a stipulated time frame and helped me out. What i concluded that this group’s intention are not to do fraud of our money they have paid the interest timely earlier and even when we emphasize lately and delayed they have paid the money to us.

    I urge you all to please give time to this company to overcome its financial crises. I do not know what issues have you all faced but i have gained trust in this group due to persons like Mr. Nihad Baluch.

    Amit Sharma