Neesa Leisure Ltd – Neesa Leisure Limited (Gandhinagar, Gujarat)

This is regarding my FDRs in Neesa Leisure Limited (Gandhinagar, Gujarat) got matured. The company given the Principal Amount Cheque for each of the FDR got dishonoured by the bank due to insufficient of funds. I tried to to contact the company on their phones and sent letters but there is no response. I am having 6 FDRs as follows
1. Atul Kr Gupta, FDR No.-13344, Period(17-05-2013 to 16-05-2014), Amt-40000/-, Maturity-44910
2. Arunima Gupta, FDRNo.-13345, Period(17-05-2013 to 16-05-2014), Amt-40000/-,Maturity-44910
3.Munni Devi Gupta,FDRNo-14574, Period(26-08-2013 to 25-08-2014), Amt-38000/-Maturity-42665
4.Hemant Jain, FDRNo.-14584, Period(21-08-2013 to 20-08-2014), Amt-40000/-,Maturity-44910
5.Rishika Jain,FDRNo.-14582, Period(21-08-2013 to 20-08-2014), Amt-40000/-, Maturity-44910
6.Sunita Jain, FDRNo-14583, Period(21-08-2013 to 20-08-2014), Amt-40000/-, Maturity-44910

You are requested to please force the company to pay the Maturity Payment.

Atul Kumar Gupta

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