Respected all,
For your kind information a company named Neesa leisure ltd. Which is in gandhinagar in Gujrat state and which have huge properties like Hotels,resorts,banquethalls,flats,property business in ahmedabad,gandhinagar, Dahaz,kerla,udaipur,jaipur and different cities.
This company is doing illegally work and playing cheap game with his depositers who had deposited their hard working amount in this company with a great faith.Neesa leisure ltd is not paying to fdr amount to investors.
Company is renewing fdr again and again without signature of depositer and without investors permission.Why neesa group is not returning principal and interest amount of their investors?
Investors all around the country are worried as their hard working amount is in danger zone.
Sir/Madam i have also my deposit amount in this company. I deposited rs. six lacs(600000/=) dated 10.8.2013 in neesa leisure ltd and i was given fdr receipt no. 14433 for rs. 600000/- for period of 6 months from date 10.8.2013 to 09.02.2014 with advance pdc cheque no. 031562 Axis bank which was dishonoured same date 09.02.2014.
I asked company about the matter. But they did not answer .Now i received same fdr renew (new no.17066 and old no. 14433 ) from period 10.2.2014 to 09.08.2014 by company without my signature.This neesa group is going illegally withour any fear of indian laws and constitution of our nation.
I tried my best and also request company to return my deposit amount rs. six lacs with interest but all in vain.Now i request you to please take a legal action against Neesa leisure ltd group as soon as possible.

My details of fdr is given below.

FDR NO. 14433(RENEW NO. 17066)
AMOUNT- 600000/=
PERIOD- 10.08.2013 TO 09.02.2014
MOBILE NO. 09896300012

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