Neesa Leisure Ltd – Sanjay Gupta, Chairman – not FDR payment on time from FDR maturity

sir, our client’s FDR get in your company for 6 month only.yors get FDR with advance payment cheq. but not clear cheq in the bank. stop the payment in bank by your our clients all cheq are disonerd. once again request your our clients payment time to time on maturity.if disonered cheq, action yours by the clients. all expensive pay by yours.we information to you on nov.2013from our all clients maturity. our clients detials-श्रीमानजी, हमारे क्लाइंट्स की एफ. डी. आर. जो की 30/11/2013 से ड्यू हो रही हे उनको आप नियत समय पर पेमेंट करवाने का श्रम करे कृपया आपसे निवेदन है की आप उनके पेमेंट की समय पर व्यवस्था करे. उनकी डिटेल इस प्रकार है- sn.—–name———————————-fdr no.———————maturity date 1-satyendra kumar goyal————–13253—- 2- ramesh kumar tulara—————-13254—– mt.dt.—–06/12/2013 3-ramesh kumar tulara—————–13456—————— 21/12/2013 4-satyendra kumar goyal—————13454——————-21/12/2013 5-sitaram gupta————————13455————–21/12/2013 6-shreyansh raj————————13469 ——————30/11/2013 7-chameli devi————————-13624—————10/12/2013 8-sitaram gupta———————–13625————–10/12/2013 9-rajendra prasad gupta————–13660————-11/12/2013 10-chameli devi———————-13733—————17/12/2013 11-archana devi tulara—————-13729—————14/01/2014 12-chameli devi———————–13734————–17/12/2013 13-kavita agarwal———————13755————–14/01/2014 14-satyanarayan bansal—————-13757————–14/01/2014 15-satyendra kumar goyal————-13968————–22/01/2014 16-vishnu kumar tulara—————-14326———-16/02/2014 17-laxminarayan bansal—————–14421—————05/02/2014 18-laxminarayan bansal—————–14422—————06/02/2014 19-sunita gupta————————-14462—————04/03/2014 20-mahesh kumar tulara—————–14463—————05/03/2014 21-ghanshyam das bajaj—————–14465————–11/03/2014 22-satyendra kumar goyal—————14499————–21/02/2014 23-vishnu kumar tulara———-f.d.r. no.12637————29/12/2013——–चेक no.051096——extend 3 month 24-sita gupta——————–—————28/02/2014 25-satyendra kumar goyal———————13/01/2014————cheq no.051129—-extend 3 month 26-ramesh kumar tulara————————–26/01/2014———चेक़ न.051130——-extend 3 mont 27-moti lal ghanshyam das bajaj—————-15/01/14————चेक़ न.05113——–extend 3 month 28-ghanshyam das bajaj————fdr no.14823——–19/03/2014( fdr missing by corrier, also send affidavit for issue duplicate fdr & advance repayment cheque by smc global to your dt.11/12/2013. कृपया इनका पेमेंट समय पर होना है.

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    i am holding one cheque no. 058362 dated 15/2/2014 for Rs. 6388.00 and my MANJU RAI holding cheque no. 057632 dated 26.02.2014 for Rs. 12821.00. These are cheques replaced by the company Neesa Leisure Ltd. against interest payable on 31.12.2013.
    No action from the company. Can some guide me.