NET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Andheri SAP cheating & Fraud

Dear FriendsNETBUSINESS SOLUTIONS Andheri SAP cheating & Fraudbeware of netbusiness solutions india sap they are cheating candidates. i have taken admition in nbs i have paid 60k for the training , the training is not good they dont have proper faculties , they dont have servers faculties them self dont now any thing in sap just these people are collecting money and fooling candidates its a waste of money doing course in nbs. they are consucting with their old students training to the new camdidate they dont have proper hr they dont assist in placements beware of this institute , its a waste of money joining nbs they have cheated lot of people. NETBUSINESS SOLUTIONS Andheri SAP cheating & Fraud

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  1. the man who has posted against NBS must be having some personal problems with them or he was not sincere while training….I am also undergoing training at Nbs in SAP mm n my friends are doing fico and abap…but till date me and my friends haven’t experienced any problem or fraud there…the faculty is good and regular and they have good working conditions there.. NBS is worth for SAP and economical please don’t unnecessarily spoil the image of NBS without any proof…

  2. NBS SAP andheri is Fraud company. They cheated my cousin also.They say they have good projects in hand and they provide placement but all is fake. The projects are dummy projects and very simple.Foe admission purpose NBS SAP make any fake commitments. The Mahesh who see the new admission doesnt listen the student he just wana grab more money from student. the stupid guy doesn’t know the which dummy projects they have. If you have any doubt then go to NBS ask them we want to meet your student who is currently doing projects they cant allow.

  3. Hi. These are fake comments posted by our competitors to create a false impression. NBS not only has projects but is also doing very well in terms of customer acquisition. Also it incorrect that we do not allow to meet our trainees. You can talk not only to our current but past trainees as well. Additionally, you can come and also check on our existing projects.

    If anyone needs to find out actual testimonials about us, please check the below link. These are not managed by us but the respective sites so cannot be faked.