Nokia – I want to register complaint against a Nokia Care Service Centre.

Sir, i bought nokia lumia 720 two months back and the very first day i suffered with black display problem. i took the phone to the retailer from where i had bought the phone and asked them to exchange it but they did something and the display started working.and told me not to worry and i won’t face it again. then again after a week, i faced the same problem. again i went to them and they asked me to visit Nokia Care. i went to the care, the guy took my phone in inside cabin and came back with my problem solved bt had damaged my cell..maybe with solding iron.. Now, today again while talking display went off but i was still able to talk. so i went straight to the same Nokia Care and showed it. this time a guy opened the cellphone to check, and finally he returned me with DAMAGED SCREEN and TOUCH. now, unable to even unlock my phone, and can’t even answer any call. and he said i will have to pay for getting it repaired. 🙁 i jus want you to provide me a new cellphone or get it repaired. Coz after 4 years i had again trusted on NOKIA. And i don’t think any company will like to loose his honest customer.

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  1. I purchased a new Nokia Lumia 720 (IMEI No. 357297059891789) during April month of this year. It was during June 14th my touch screen was not working, which i got replaced with NCC, but on the next day my phone was unable to receive any signal and it was always displaying no service. Again i gave it to NCC two days later, it was on 5th of August I got a reply my phone was tampered, which will not come under warranty, i was shocked. A brand new mobile , just a few days old, more over i took so much care in using the mobile, such an irresistible reply from NCC, i could not digest. Something should be done to this NCC. I really wanted to go to consumer court and fight this injustice. These peoples (NCC and Nokia Co.) are cheating everybody. More over when they called me for the second time to talk about the tampering of my phone, I was asked to sit in a separate room, which usually do not occur. Please I need help in this regard my friends. My sincere advice please do not go for pains a lot

  2. i have a Nokia x2-01 and i have backed up all my messages to a memory card… then i restored that backup.. and after restore there are no messages in my messages folder…. is there any way to restore all my messages and contacts back??’please reply me at ur earliest

  3. Rajkumar methil

    i brought nokia lumia 620 Mrp. 14700. but it is not working properly . it is under warranty
    it have network problem .customer care center . not repair it properly .

  4. I went nokia care basti and asked for 501bettary then he told me to order and i asked for replacement because phone is under warranty so he told me that u have to wait for 2months and if phone is under warranty and going to complete 6months within a week so he will not replace my tell me should i purchase nokia again i have been having nokia since 2005 even here software they dnt update and changeable work they do very early

  5. I bought Nokia Lumia 720 4 months back.its dropped 3fet hight and its completely broken.i went to the Nokia care they told me no warranty for physical damage and its worth 7100₹.i agreed and change my phone screen and com back to my home i saw some problem’s switch is not working
    2.flash is not working cable connection for data exchange not connect
    —->its all are done in Vijayawada nokia care centre<——

    i went another nokia care center for repair my phone they told me its a physical damage we solve it worth 350₹ and its take 15days time
    why care center's do like this a big fan of nokia but now im totally against to nokia.
    plz don't buy nokia smart phones.its worth less and worst serves.
    and parts of the phone is too costly .