I too applied for personal loan and for about Rs.2Lakhs, They have taken Rs.2809/- towards processing Finance charges.
Now they were demanding about Approval charges Rs.7600/- which I didnt understand. Finance charges is for the approval and paying the amount to the lender. Then How come the Approval charges separate which I replied and asked for the paid money but even after 4 or 5 mails I am not getting any response from them. I think they are real cheaters in the name of NRI in India. They should be first arrested and legal proceedings to be open and atleast some poor Indian family people will be saved. I am ready to support any body with the proof whatever I have.

On Thursday, 17 July 2014 11:20 AM, Ganapaty Santhanam wrote:

Dear NRI Business Mgmt /Mr.Balwinder/PriyaGupta/Nethan,

1. On seeing your new table which was not clearly told earlier, it looks like for 2Lakhs loan I am spending more than 10K.
2. It looks exorbitant as the 7.5% FLAT Interest charges which is suppose to include the approval charges also.
3. Hence I feel like it is not advisable to go on Loan with your firm at this juncture.
4. I request you to treat my requirement stands CANCELLED and return me the possible amount I paid towards file charges.
This is for your information and necessary action.
Thanking you for your interest & reply.

Ganapaty Santanam

On Tuesday, 15 July 2014 5:44 PM, nri businessmanagement wrote:

with you kind information you need to submit the approval charge to get the approval letter
kindly have a look on the approval charge sheet.

Thank you.

On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 4:39 PM, Santhanam G wrote:

Dear NRI, (Kind Attn:Ms.Priya Gupta)

1. My Application No. NFS/253509, Date 7/7/2014.
2. Could you pl update the status as it is already more than a week passed.
3. This is for your information.
4. Thanking you.


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  1. Dear Ganapathy santhanam,

    I would like to get the details,please give me your phone number which i can contact you,we can surely approach the court and can obtain compensation,mail me on [email protected]