Oi Play school AECS Layout Bangalore – Mental harassement & non payment of salary

My Wife recently joined Oi Play School, AECS Layout, Bangalore as a Day Care Teacher on 16th Dec 2013. She got his salary in the form of Cheque on 6th of Jan 2014.
During the 2nd week of Jan my wife got an offer from another school & so updated the head of the Oi school Mrs Divya one week before from today to relieve her so that she can join that school. Today which is her last day at Oi School, both Mrs Divya & her Husband called my wife at their school’s office & harassed her mentally about why she is leaving the school without giving one month notice or so.They even did not paid her for the 17 days she worked at Jan 2014. Now my wife is in a state of shock after coming back from school. I want strict action against Mrs Divya & her husband & want everybody know how they treat teachers in that school.
We are from well to do family & money is not a matter here, it is a matter of pride & self esteem.
I sincerely request you to look into the matter her & let all know how they are treating people

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