OMSYS – Waterproof folding expandable tote bag

Reported By: Bipasha

Contact information:
OMSYS Kolkata

The bag that they were advertising was an expandable tote bag with separate in-built pockets for travel purposes. What I got was a simple foldable luggage bag….not even the tote look, nor expandable , needless to say there are no inner pockets as the product was shown. These simple waterproof luggage bags come for a value of 500 rupees in flipkart/ amazon. But OMSYS charged Rs. 999, showing a different product. Now I am getting to see complaints regarding this company as a fraud one. They don’t have a website to talk the problem out. Such a shame. Can nothing be done for such companies robbing people??


How to file a complaint against OMSYS?

* Go to page
* Write OMSYS in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from OMSYS.

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  1. I got a cheap bag worth hardly Rs 150 ; Omsys charged Rs 849 . Product VID1080923 shown in their site was totally different. Please do not fall prey to such dubious offers. I have taken it up with OMSYS
    for a total refund ; failing which I plan to complain to Consumer affairs and other agencies.