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oneassist mobile insurance – Denial of Insurance coverage without timely intimation

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Reported By: leeban

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oneassist mobile insurance

– The insurance policy for my handset was purchased at a cost of Rs 3499 from Oneassit on 16/11/2016
– Till 26-Nov-16, Oneassist didn’t approach me for any details of handset for the Insurance policy.
– The handset had some issue with its power button and also as it was under warranty, i have submitted it to authorized service centre on 26-Nov-16 and received it post repair/replacement on 03-Dec-16.
– I am an Armed Force personnel serving onboard an Indian Naval Warship and due to various operational commitments towards the nation, often go to Sea and due to which are forced to stay without mobile network connectivity.
– On 24-01-17, 10:37 PM, I have send a mail with attachment of handset details as demanded by One assist ,when we got near to coast for some duration.
– On 28-01-17, 05:18 PM , I received a mail stating that they have received images but further require
invoice copy and replacement letter.
– Post 28 Jan 17 I had a long operational commitment and thus was out of coverage area for almost more than a month thus on 13 Mar 17 I have send a mail explaining the reason for delay in sending the required documents.
– After 17 Mar 17 , Through telecon with Oneassist, it was confirmed from their end that my handset details got updated and is under insurance cover.
– On 04 Jun 2017 my handset got damaged and raised a claim with Oneassist and they provided me with a Device Claim – Service Request # 2046817
-They have initiated processing of my Claim and collected my handset on 11 Jul 17, suddenly on 31 Jul 17 they rejected my claim stating ”• As Per Policy Terms , Change In IMEI Needs To Be Intimated To The Insurance Company Within 30 Days Of The Change In IMEI. In Subject Case The Unit Has Been Changed On 26/11/2016 And Intimation Of Change In IMEI Has Been Done On 21/3/17 Through Mail Hence, This Case Cannot Be Considered.”

-I have updated my IMEI number with them on 21st March 2017 even though the handset was replaced on 26th Nov 2016 . According to their policy the IMEI number has to be updated within 30 days or else the insurance coverage is not applicable as intimated by them onluy via theirr mail dated 11th Aug 2017, But my concern lies in the fact that

* Were on assit can completely elude itself from the responsibility to inform me (the customer) in march 17 itself, if I being late to update the IMEI number makes my handset ineligible to be covered under their insurance policy?.

* Was it appreciable from their part to leave the customer under the false impression that his handset is still under insurance coverage for all these four months starting from March 2017?

*Why did Oneassit deny me the chance to retort to some better and reliable insurance providers if their company couldn’t meet up to the minimum expectations , which could only be done if they timely intimated me regarding the discontinuance of their insurance coverage that is solely based on their internal policies alone?

* Why could they at least inform me about the issue when I first raised the claim on 4th June 2017? (refer to Device claim-Service Request #2046817)

* Why did they initiate processing of my claim if the handset could not be covered under insurance?

* According to the email communication between us (refer to Oneassist emails dated June 19,22,24,29, July 18,19 ) they passed the signal that my handset is insured and suddenly what made them dig out the fact suddenly on the email dated 31st July 2017 that my handset is uninsured ?

* Finally kindly let me know who is responsible for the time loss as well as the monetary loss I have incurred just because of the ignorance and irresponsibility of one assist failing to timely intimate if there is any violation in the insurance terms and conditions?

I request you to kindly provide me an apt redressal for my grievance.

Leeban Antony A
Lala Avase
Venaganoor P.O
Pin :695523
Phn: 07639695456

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