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Reported By: prem paul

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opjs university churu

The President of America.
And all the President and Prime Ministers of the World,
Sub: Help me to survive in India as This country is officallly running under Modi ji’s Govt but actullay its being run and managed by the goons of this country.
Sir, At Present I am old man of 59 years and may be killed by Mr. Joginder Dalal one of the born Criminal of this country with the help of the Local police i.e. Model town Chowky Rohtak and in brief I will explain some facts that can be proved if an honest investigation is made. I have written many letters to the govt. of india and all the related departments but either all the departmenta are corrupat in thais country or they know that what is happening and donot want to take action agaaint my complaint on the name of jurisdiction problem but no one has approached me to listen my complaint to take action.My complaints are self explainary and not need any explaination but only want an feed back for further investigarion to proceed further in the matter.
I have complaint about Mr. Joginder dalal the owner of OPJS University Churu Rajasthan that he is selling the degrees to the fake students as against the enrollent of genuine students enrolled in his university and or against the fake students enrolled in his university i.e. OPJS Churu Rajasthan India and this is a Private self financed university.
All the educational universities in India issuing higher education like Phd,D.Pharma,
Bpharma,M.tech,B.tech, and other so many Professional courses in which the regular classes attendance should be must and at ;east 0ver 70 % attendance should be there for each student for each and every professional course.This university was given the affiliation over 200 Professional courses in 2013 without checking the back groud of this person named joginder dalal who was involed in not only in a murder case during Chotala govt. but also 6 of his colleges were closed by Maharishi dayanand university Rohtak Haryana as against asking the B.ed girls students to do seears Assan or to pay 10 thousand rs. Get the marks in B.ed in Practical examination.
This is not my complaint but this entire appisode is on U tube on the name of yogender Dalal instead of Joginder dalal of I.P.S college rohtak in 2012 and news on various news papers of the national News papers of the Country.
Only ten persons are running OPJS University at Churu Rajasthan and no classes are being conducted over there and the students enrolled in the university are from the different part of the country and sent/enrolled in the university in the all type of coursed by the agents spread all over the country.
The university never declare the result on their web site for any examination as ant student from India can come any time abd can appear for any examination even of 3 years back and can get his degree in a day after Paying the amount demanded by the university.
As the UGC has given the affiliation in 2013 donot care what is happening in the university till date and when I have complaint in the matter about the university I have not only threathened to kill but also threat to involve my sons in a case with the help of Rohtak Police.As many of the Police and Political persons has taken the degrees from his OPJS university no one in this country is taking any action against him.
By selling the degrees about ten thousand every year to the fake students he is not only earning over 500 crores rs. Per year but is making the roots of our nations weak and also playing with the life of innocent students like me.
I took loan from the bank for my self and my son for llb admission and Passed all the exams in First division but as I have made his complaint to the Bae council of india as well as SSP and model town Chowky Rohtak our result has not been given by the goon of this country known as Joginder Dalal Of Rohtak.
I have also reported the matter to CM Rajasthan as well as to the higher Education Board rajasthan but not received any response from them about my complaint due the financial and Political power Of Joginder dalal.
I have handed over the copy of my mark sheet to Rohtak Police as well as sent to the SSP Rohtak but till date Joginder dalal has not been called and I have been asked to go to the court.
I request the govt. of india that the Private Universities auch as OPJS Churu should not be allowed as examination centres of the universities so that they should not enroll fake students the the results and records of all the students should be available with the state education board as well as UGC so atleast the innocent students should not suffer the problems I am facing.
What ever has been written above can be proved provide that a proper investigation team has sent to look into the matter honestly before I will be killed by Joginder dalal with the help of Model Town Rohtak Chowky Police always threatening me to withdraw the complaint.
Waiting to be killed or Justice
A Comman man
Prem Paul Kinra Rohtak

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  1. Bro, Without political involvement it is not possible. We indians just vote to goon and idiot politicians and think they r honest, in reality is biggest scammers. 🙏🙏

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