OSN Customer Verification Service – Improper Conduct and Inappropriate call gesture and late night call harassment.

Reported By: Fatima Fetouh

Contact information:
OSN Customer Verification Service Dubai

A Pakistani representative of yours called me late at night around 11:30 asking for verifying and agreeing to the terms and conditions by clicking tab in the verification mail sent to my mail which I had already completed in the morning on Tue,15 April.
So I first of all I have a complaint about this double verification of yours and secondly he started to get over-friendly with me while communicating over the phone from a landline number: 043810700 and then he misbehaved with me and my brother.
He did not give his name even after several times of request for his name.
I would like the CEO Mr. David Butorac and Patrick Tillieux to look into this matter and suggest Sheikh Hamad Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah to do a background check and behavioral assessment before hiring.

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