Oxford Home Tuitions – Tuitions Not Provided, Amount Taken Immediately

Reported By: Chaitanya Bharathi

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Oxford Home Tuitions

On 28th August I have searched in google for online home tuition and evening I have received a call from Oxford home tuition and they gave one number to by the name Supriya to send the location of my house and they will find out tutor near by.There were continuous calls. And on Tuesday they have fixed virtual demo. Tutor has taken demo and her name they mentioned as Archana.

They said from 1st September as I asked to start from that date. And on 1st September morning Supriya called and informed that not to call tutor as her father expired and she will arrange other tutor. In the evening after many calls she messaged two tutors number. with the name Sandeep and Balakrishna. One person picked the call and said he is in picnic with friends and other didn’t lift the call. When I called Supriya and informed the same she said she will arrange the tutor by tomorrow.

And on 2nd September when I started calling her phone was hours together engage and she is on WhatApp seeing all my messages but no reply. And when I asked her to refund the amount she is not I have paid the amount of Rs. 4250/-. As a registration and advance amount and if we pay only they will give tutor information.And in the afternoon she called and very angrily saying you are not only one parent I have to handle many customers and asked for 5-7 minutes to arrange a tutor.

And in the evening she messaged me one number whose name is Elizabeth and when I called and spoke to her she said for 10th class OK I will try then I said if you are perfect and have teaching experience only you decide, she said she will get back to me.Again when I tried calling Supriya to whom I was coordinating. She messaged me text message that she spoke to management and by Monday she will arrange tutor and from Monday it will be counted and she will be back by Sunday to Hyderabad.

Again today(3-9-22) when I messaged supriya the same message which I received text message in the last evening I got that and I asked the same copy paste message I received is this a generated message but no reply.I tried calling to 2 numbers which are in the website, the persons numbers which I received from Supriya.


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